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Committed to changing lives of the underprivileged

Welcome to Pennies for change; a non-for-profit organization that is federally registered with a state government and has 501c(3) status to help a diverse population in need of life's basic essentials, and assist ones that find themselves in different forms of difficult crisis. Under the auspices of our organization, the main goal is to make a difference in the world and people's lives. Pennies for change reaches out to battered women, orphans, the hungry,homeless, sick,etc.The organization basically helps prevent domestic violence situations from affecting vulnerable and potential victims such as jobless men and women, and children whom may also be at risk to face starvation,homelessness,and malnutrition,etc.

These identified problems above are 9 times out of 10 believed to affect millions of people around the world.Of this demographic are frail seniors, single-parents, the sick and uninsured, mentally ill, school-aged children from divorced parents/broken homes, and school dropouts,etc.

Pennies for change operates exclusively for individuals in need of resources for better living conditions.

From a broad perspective, Pennies for change help provide supplemental housing costs, shelter, food, basic clothing,and medical expenses for the uninsured and other eligible individuals needing help in life or death situations.This above embankment has effectively fueled growth for Pennies for Change since its opened doors to many lives that have already been transformed!

Thanks to the many donors and financial contributors. This endeavor could never have gained its standing and capability to function had it not been for your compassion to help others. Please help support Pennies for change to save lives and make the world a better place! Thank you!

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to join us in achieving this achilian task of crisis intervention;God bless you already!

Pennies For Change has a new mission to extend its help in Sierra Leone,West Africa. Members are excited to go explore with the aim to positively make a difference in schools, orphanages and hospitals,etc. Please help give your financial support,in every little way that you can;it will take someone far!!! Thank you in advance.

Please browse the website and discover what Pennies for Change is all about. Be an impactor! Donate,no amount is too small but can do big things for the people that so need your help,kindness,and generousity! Thank you!

Pennies For Change

Since first lunching Pennies for Change, the organization has been accepting donations of different items that are resealable for proceeds to beneficiaries. However, since running out of room and storage for donated items, the company accepts monetary offerings to quickly expedite service to the hundreds of people that are in need. Our services and and several other opportunities are extended to improvished schools, Orphanages, hospitals,and communities in need.Thank you for your donations of any kind. May God keep inspiring you to help, and may He richly bless you for being in this together with Pennies for Change!

 We the members of this noble entity have become masters of compassion and problem solvers. We use some of the donations to pay stipends to employees for their long hours travelling and distributing goods and items to the beneficiaries served by Pennies for Change.

We never stop helping,because you have never stopped giving! Thank you for your help in improving the quality of life for someone who could have remained helpless or died if you did not give...Thanks a million for giving,and help someone in need to continue getting in touch with us today and learn how Pennies For Change can help you.

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Thank you Pennies for change for bailing me out from the streets during this Covid-19 pandenmic. You were there when I needed you. Your help made a real difference and created change in my situation, I am forever indebted to your services to those of us in need!


I almost lost everything,and then you helped pay my phone bill....You are awesome!


We are glad to help Andrew take care of the scabies infection that was bothering and keeping him from living a normal happy life

Andrew Jackson of Jacksonville

Because of your hard work and generosity,we can bake our own cakes,
we have food and roof over our heads,thank you pennies for Change!!1

Marla and Lily

Donate to Pennies for Change...Thank you for your help!

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