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Directors of Pennies for Change:Esther Lebbie,Fatmata Bangura,Kumba S. Musa,and Yomba Kainbondo:

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

These guys named above are some of the brains and efforts behind the functioning and management of Pennies for Change. They do their utmost best not only in giving and sharing, they do everything they can to sacrifice their time in helping others that are affected by various circumstances, and are desperately in need of necessities such as, shelter, education, food, and provision of quality health care, etc. They always go beyond and above in doing volunteer work, because they don't want to limit charity to just giving of time, but also giving of self and everything they have to see someone else happy and confident in living life to the fullest.Thanks to all our donors, directors and managers of Pennies for Change!!!

This charity endeavors to partner up with donors from all around the world to make a difference in the lives of children and vulnerable adults that are living with conditions of compromised immune system, and whom are believed to have shortened life-spans due malnutrition and infectious diseases such as HIV,AIDS,and autoimmune illnesses such as CANCER, DIABETES,etc. It takes positive collaboration in accomplishing great deeds of hope from team members that look out for identified and eligible under-priviledged!


#Faces and Hands Behind the Scenes!!!

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